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Saving money in the bank or buy an insurance policy?

Did you ever phobia on insurance? Concern for people in the insurance claim process complicated trauma. There are people who see savings in the bank is better than investing in insurance.

Before you represent or endorse the choice of the insurance or the bank, or do both, then you should consider the following:

First, let's see what our needs were certainly in the future? We must prepare funds for children's education. Saving for children's education would have us do. Should not be large, but the routine as much as possible. Where is the right place to save? 

There are many options how to save money or invest. There are people who prefer to save in gold so that when needed, then stayed to sell gold at pawn shops or stores mas. In general, the savings in the bank, there is a saving on insurance because the insurance companies also offer services such as investment plus the financial protection, even coupled with health insurance.

If you deposit your money in the bank, and your amount of your savings big enough then the principal balance will not be eroded. But, if we can only save the amount is not significant, you do not think to gain interest.  Your principal balance will be reduced due to cut costs by the bank.

Secondly, if you are saving money on insurance, then there will be a boost to yourself to discipline yourself. This is important for those who lack the discipline to save. Thus, we will be compelled to have a pattern of spending more wisely.

In general most of the people earn a living will detailing the need for shopping, paying bills and other needs. When people save money on insurance, we'll get used to have a pattern like this: At the time of receiving a salary, set aside to pay for electricity, set aside for savings, including insurance, set aside for investment (if applicable), the rest to meet the everyday household.

Third, if you take out, if there is a calamity befalls us, the educational needs of children will have been helped by insurance; there are at least financial securities though not overall. However, if you save a conventional, it will not happen because of savings in the bank your family cannot get protection.

Fourth, when the child enters school age, primary school, junior high school until your child to go to university, then we will not be too bothered with the obligation to pay the cost of education is increasing in greater numbers. This can happen because most of the needs of our children get from funds saved in insurance, which we prepared from newborn children.

At least, that's the benefit that I see from the savings that we are prepared to open an insurance policy. There are still products of other insurance, such as health insurance, pension funds and others. Make sure you regularly do a review on any insurance policy you may have so that you can buy or add a new policy every few years.

Saving money in the bank would remain important as for your daily needs, so that you can quickly withdraw money from an ATM. Remember to set aside part of your income for savings, investments and insurance. Your life will feel more comfortable and secure in the future, even in times of economic crisis. That's why you are so important to do financial planning from an early age so that you prosper and enjoy life in old age.