Simple tips for achieving financial freedom at a young age

Financial Freedom is your choice
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If you no longer work hard to pursue the money, but the money has to work for you, then you've reached the stage of financial freedom. According to Anthony Robbins, financial freedom is a financial condition to the achievement of considerable investment, relatively safe, and the results are sufficient for us to live the lifestyle we want. Obviously, this requires hard work, careful, and has done continuously since right now.

Financial freedom can you accomplish when you discipline of saving some of your money, and your savings can be rotated in order to get the most profit in a given period and generate passive income so you do not have to work hard. Saving activity is delaying your pleasure in the present, but the result is very effective to achieve greater goals in the future.

So, how do you set aside for savings and investments?

 I recommend that you allocate your income to the posts on a priority basis. The first is the mortgage debt (if any) that should not exceed 30 percent of monthly income, then try to set aside 10 percent of regular salary each month for savings.

If you do not have debt, the amount set aside could be expanded further, for example, 30 percent of which can be used for investment and protection (insurance). Thus, the remaining 70 percent can be used to finance day-to-day life.

Do not put eggs in one basket.
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Make sure your money is in the right place.
If you have the money, do not spend your money to invest in one type of investment. There are several types of vehicles for investment, among others, savings, deposits, gold, stocks, mutual funds, property, or business unit. I also advise you to put aside your money to buy health insurance or insurance that is a combination of investment and protection.

To choose the type of investment, to consider costs that will be required, the results obtained, the risk profile, if you are afraid to risk losing money or quite bold, skills necessary for selecting investment products, and how much time to invest your involvement.

Try not to put all your money in one investment product to minimize my risk. Because your condition is still working on the laing or a company, I would suggest that roughly about 70-80 per cent of the allocation of money for investment had been able to be invested into assets such as deposits and mutual funds. Deposits are used as a precaution, while mutual funds are used to acquire development. While, the remaining 20-30 percent, can be used to start investing into the business by way of a joint venture with a friend or relative who can manage the business. 
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At the age when you are still young and productive, then you have to actively think about saving, investing, buying protection and other positive actions, so that you can enjoy financial freedom, so that you live a happy and prosperous in his youth and later on when you are old. Change your life style now: more productive, saving more, invest more, so you can enjoy financial freedom in near future.



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