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Special Financial Advice for Women

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Do you feel the burden of the higher cost of your life? Every few time periods, the need for money keeps coming, even without you realizing it. Appropriate financial arrangements is very important to ensure that no errors and can continue to sustain the continued availability of funds until later. Here are the issues of finance that is often forgotten by the women:

1. Financial focus on child's college tuition
The financial experts agree, one of the errors on the financial arrangements made in the mother is sure to set aside funds for old age for kids' college fund. "Most of our clients are parents who are caring for children with young age. Typically, these parents do not have enough funds to set aside to fund at a later age, but continue to force myself to pay that much for college kids," said Jen Smith, owner of the site

In her experience, a heavy financial burden is when we have to keep the parents who did not successfully save to fund their own retirees. This is even more distressing than to find cost for tuition alone. Try looking through the eyes of the child. So, for parents, it would be wise if you could spare the funds to take care of themselves in the future and does not charge your life in children. This is not a selfish thing, this is one way you love your child, because you think his interests as well. You do not know what diseases you can get attacked in the future, and you will need the funds how much to keep your own life.
financial adviser, Financial tips, Financial solution, save money, investment tips, insurance tips
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2. "My husband is taking care of finances ..."
It is time for women to get involved in the problem of bill payment, savings, and investment. At least, try to sit down with your husband once a month to learn and study your family's financial circumstances. Monique Honaman, author of The High Road Has Less Traffic said, many women do not understand about the financial situation of his family, and it will put itself in a fairly vulnerable position if something happened to her partner.

"Suppose, things happen that are not considered since the beginning, eg, on divorce, they should know about this sort of information to make wise decisions about the future of their children. This is not only relevant to couples who are divorcing. But for all married couples. For example, when a husband dies suddenly, he needs to know the financial situation to be able to think and stand on its own feet, rather clueless and worrying about finances, "he explained again.

3. Save money by giving pocket money
Allowance could actually save the family finances. Experts say that this is a good thing to teach children about money, including about learning to save for expensive toys they want. Of course, you should limit spending money according to their daily needs sufficiently. This is suggested by Karyn Hodgens, co-founder Kidnexions Kids' Personal Finance Educator.
When a child has been restricted to the pocket money, they will provide an opportunity for children to think how they would want and need toys that they are targeting. Learn to say "no" to children is not easy, but still important. It is the duty of parents to educate children to become an independent person, including keeping their own finances. When you do not give pocket money, you often lose track of how much you spend on snacks the child.

4. Start to organize:
If  your house is not tidy not only affect the health and sanity of mind, but it will also be a problem for your finances. "I've seen kids wear clothes that are too small to use with price tags still dangling from the rear, using the same books over and over again, and had to throw a toy that lost one of its parts," said Leah Schneider, organizing consultants, Organize Right Now LLC and author of Growing-Up Organized.

"Try to organize the clothes by size so that the child could actually wear these clothes. Only buy clothes when they need a new size for a particular activity, not because the clothes look cute. Buy clothes in the hallway that was discounted, and the stocks for size larger, so it can be worn long enough, take care that his best clothes. Organize toys and books, teach children how to appreciate these items every time after use. This is important, so that the goods are not easily damaged, and do not have to buy again, again and again, "suggested Lea.

5. Finding Financial Advisors
Actually, many financial advisors around you. You must have friends who are personally familiar to make a simple financial plan. Ask for advice to your friends. If there is an insurance agent who is approaching you, then you can ask them to plan your finances in terms of savings / investment and protection, even for health insurance and saving for retirement. Experienced insurance agents usually have got training on financial planning. You can get advice and free tips from an insurance agent.

How about you? Got another advice to organize and keep your finances in order not caught up in financial trouble in the future? 


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