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Preparing the children's education funds

Young couple in this digital era has great attention to preparing their children's education. Financial institutions such as banks and insurance companies compete to win the heart of a young couple who had children under two years old.

Education costs will definitely continue to increase by about 15 percent every year. Are you ready with the education of your children? I would like to share simple tips that you can make a guide, so you can make a financial plan for the education of your children:

1. Get to know your children's dreams.
     Are you going to determine what direction your child will be selected at the college? You are entitled to provide guidance to children, but one day they will have their own choice. Encourage their dreams by preparing of education funds as possible.

2. Start as early as possible.
     Great educational costs can be reduced if we start setting it up since we were children under the age of 2 years, even when the child is still a baby. You must set aside your earnings in part to save money in a bank or insurance. Banks and insurance companies must have a program of education funds.
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If you set up an education savings or insurance premiums education since your child was a baby, then the amount of premium you pay or savings will not be huge. So, do not delay the preparation of the funds for your children's education. The advantages you will get if you start early, then the investment will be larger (especially for unit-linked products).

3. Choosing the right school.
     There are many public schools and private schools from elementary level to college or university. If you understand your child's abilities and interests, then you can choose a suitable school, also according to your financial capability, but make sure the school you choose is a good school. You know, a good school or a fine university is not always expensive.

4. Specify the target funds needed.
     If you already understand the interests, talents and abilities of your child, then you already understand the target schools or universities would you chose for your child. You can meet and consult with a financial planner. You can find them at certain banks that have preparatory education financing programs. When I noticed, the insurance company has a program like this; in fact insurance companies have a comprehensive program of education planning with health insurance for your child, and you as a parent.
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5. Determine the source of funds.
     If you are a father to take over the payment of insurance premiums your child's education, or you agree with your wife to finance the education of your child together, then you must also agree to determine the amount of the premium or education savings every month. Whatever your decision with your partner, make sure your needs are met every day too well.

If you love your children, then you will definitely prepare funds for the education of your child with a good financial planning. The future of the children is very important, and make sure they can learn to gain knowledge in a good institution.