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Financial Intelligence tips for kids

Having a high IQ is not a guarantee for a successful life, you also have to have another emotional intelligence and financial intelligence. The term financial intelligence increasingly popular lately, especially since Robert T. Kiyosaki echoing financial freedom in his series of "Rich Dad Poor Dad" that inspire many people. If we have and want to develop financial intelligence, then we will live a comfortable life and secure.


Kiyosaki 'defines' financial intelligence in three ways, first: the ability to save a lot of money that followed the ability to make money work for you. Second: The ability to convert cash or labor into assets that provide income without having to work directly. Third: The ability to 'outsmart' money. So we should also be able to think out of the box, not just the conventional thinking.

Pietra Sarosa, RFA (Financial Planner) says that "Intelligence financial not only for business matters, but more than that it can be applied in day-to-day financial management. Even financial intelligence should be a mindset that is embedded in our minds that are automatically used when we are faced with a choice or problems related to finance,”

If you currently have children, then there are simple tips that your child also has a financial intelligence. Explain to the children about the importance of saving money in the bank and insurance. Saving money is an activity aimed at an outcome in the future. Money saving results is not used now but someday for example to pay tuition to go to university, buying a house or retirement. Talk about the benefits of saving the children of the future for the short term. Explain to them the importance of saving money is when 6 months later to buy your own digital camera, 3 more months to buy a new watch, or could go to a concert next month.

I love saving money. Image:

  Your kids may be more excited about saving for the short term. Therefore impose the concept of saving for the future with a few years later would be difficult to accept your child. Saving money with the goal of saving money as long term as possible, for the same children with no opportunity to use the money.  

If you are old enough get them to the bank to save money, so they had their own passbook. As a parent you must be exemplary. Then you must have savings, investments and give an example to the children, that is not too often replace a mobile phone or other gadget with a new product.

If you are successful to give tips on the importance of having financial intelligence, the kids will love to save money. They will also learn to create a simple financial planning. You will be happy and prosper with them.


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