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Financial planning for young couples

Are you ready to build a family?

 As a new couple and your spouse must still be doing a lot of adjustments is included in managing the family finances.
 Money must be managed properly, because if not later can cause problems in your family. In fact, according to Dr. Judy Kuriansky, author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to a Healthy Relationship, money is one of three things is the source of the problem in a family. Two other sources are sex and child care. Dr. Judy provides tips on how to manage the family finances. These tips can you peek, of course, to avoid financial problems that could arise later.

 Money to celebrate the big day. Celebration of both religious holiday, birthday or other special days definitely requires some money. Your spouse must agree on how much money is allocated to celebrate. Of course, taking into account the basic needs, so that the money spent on the holiday budget does not interfere with another principal.

 Unemployment, or temporary dismissal. Unemployment status or suspended automatically lead to financial problems. In addition, of course, affect the declining confidence and cause emotions easily provoked. If it hit you or your partner should discuss the austerity measures that can be taken. This is to prevent contention on the trigger dissent in spending.

 Promotion, and salary increases. "The promotion and a raise can be a source of trouble in the family," said Dr. Judy. You and your partner must make a financial plan so that money is excess money that could go well used and not wasted without a trace.

 Needs of children, entertainment, education and recreation. The need is of course to be met, and do not ignore the needs of recreation and entertainment, because it can bring you and your children. To that end, make a budget for recreation and holidays with family. Also teach children to manage their allowances.

 Houses, cars, apartments. When buying a house, car or other luxury goods should think about not only material but also emotional problems. A large expenditure would have implications for many things including your expenses further. For that, do not make decisions that are only thinking of myself only, consider also the interests of the couple.

 If  you can make good financial planning, thefamily's future will be more prosperous and happy. Living in a world that is old is no longer easy. Make sure you prepare yourself and your family better than your parents had done in the past.