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Tips to prepare for retirement funds

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Are you prepared to fund your retirement? You definitely are currently working or are running a business, and then you need to create a financial plan. You need to enter most of your income into retirement instruments, insurance and investments.

You should understand right investment instrument you choose because there are investment instruments that are low risk, there is also a high risk.

Retirement can be a critical time for most people. Therefore, we need to prepare for early retirement, while we are still in the productive age. The average Indonesian people prepare for retirement at the age of 40 years. In fact, in the developed countries most people have started to prepare for retirement at age 30.

So, what to do to prepare for retirement? Nowadays a lot of ways you can do to prepare for retirement. Each way would have more value. Choose how to prepare for retirement in accordance with the character and needs.


Opening a business is very good and you can make profitable business. However, the necessary preparations are very mature, like a strong venture capital, energy and enough time, and expertise. In opening a business, we also must be prepared to anticipate the things that might happen in the future, such as the risk of loss or additional capital capacity. The most important thing is mental preparation, such as patience, perseverance, and a strong commitment.
business, investment, retirement plan, insurance, financial advisor, financial plan
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Routinely saving

In the current era, the salary is usually paid through saving account. Well, employees whose earnings can be transferred through bank salary set aside some money for savings. This is fine. That must be remembered is, first, the value of the funds deposited in the bank are usually not comparable to the value required in the future. Second, the value of money in savings would be taxed and administrative costs. Lastly, do not try to choose this way if you are not disciplined saving or wise use of money.


Investment instruments today are very diverse, there are stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and so on. You can select the instrument that suits your character. However, you should understand the true instrument of investment you choose because there are investment instruments that are low risk; there is also a high risk.


Nowadays insurance products are very diverse. In fact, there are now insurance products are also supported by investments. Excess insurance is a target of the desired fund or plan can still be achieved, despite the things that are not desirable. Contact your insurance agent to get more information so you can earn more money and protection. Don't forget to create health insurance for your future.

If you already have a financial plan, it is old age or retirement you will be more comfortable and prosperous.