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Simple guidelines to prevent financial problems

Each person or family wants to succeed in life, as well as success in managing personal finances and family. For example, it could put their children to university, can afford to buy a house, if necessary, can open a coffee shop in 10 years, and at times can be a dream vacation to places in and outside the country.
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However, because there are mistakes in managing finances, it is difficult to achieve all your dreams. There is a fallacy, for example at the weekend as if you and the family had to eat in the restaurant. Similarly, when the paycheck into your account, then you should shop. If there is still money left over, it can be used to buy furniture. As a result, only two weeks, the payroll is up, even minus and eventually you have a lot of debt. 

In fact, at times we will deal with emergency situations such as a sudden there is a very important requirement. Or worse, you or your spouse as the primary breadwinner died. What will happen? Can you imagine? Do you already have insurance that will take over some of the financial problems that may occur in the future? 

Let create a financial planning from an early age, even before you get married, so that you avoid financial problems and debt in the future. Marcellus G. Rumagit, Jakarta Branch Sales Manager of HSBC, the talk show "Financial Planning for Moms", in Indonesia Maternity & Baby Expo, Jakarta Convention Center, a few year ago, sharing tips on simple solutions that you can do immediately:

 Start managing your finances or your earnings wisely. Let your salary that determine or limit how you’re spending. Not the other way, you are free to spend money without considering how the remaining salary.

Planning for the future early. Your future has been started from today. "But, it's never too late to start changing bad habits in finance, or start saving. Start now!"

Creating expenditure items. There are three traditional ways that they can use to manage finances, such as making envelopes management, saving money in a piggy bank, or make a cash card. But actually, there are more modern ways to manage your finances. You can find information on the banks on savings products or investments.

To plan your financial future, there are three steps you can do:
1. Determining aspiration or goal of your life in 5-30 years. What are your dreams, perhaps including those mentioned in the earlier post.
2. Check your financial situation. Organize your finances, pay your unproductive debt (debt to buy something disposable consumables), have health insurance, and set up an emergency fund.
 3. Start investing. Today, there are a lot of banks that offer investment products. Find information, and learn as much about the investment products that suit your needs and abilities.
Remember to purchase an insurance product that provides health protection as well as investments that will protect you and your family in case of disaster in the future. Compare product proposal did you receive from the bank with a proposal of insurance from an insurance agent you trust.

Contact your friend who became an insurance agent so that you made a proposal to suit your needs. Saving money in the bank would not be useful without an insurance policy from the insurance company. If you begin to be wise in managing finances, then you will be saved achieve a more prosperous life in the future.