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Many people doubt whether or not to buy insurance products, whereas in modern times is very important to have an insurance policy, such as health insurance, life insurance, and insurance for education, retirement plan, etc. There are several misconceptions of most people so that they are too old to take a decision before buying an insurance policy.

This is what needs to be clarified. Life insurance is an important part of financial planning. However, misunderstandings about insurance can prevent people to get benefits. Later, when problems occur, he should have realized long ago purchasing insurance. So you do not inedible gossip or hear say about life insurance (which is not necessarily true), you should first identify the myths surrounding the most popular life insurance.

1. People who are young and single people do not need insurance
Is there anyone who suffered losses when we die? However, although we do not rely on others, we still would leave a credit card debt, mortgage, loan cash, until the funeral expenses. Life insurance policy will generally cover these costs. The sooner, or the younger you buy insurance, you can get lower premiums. Insurance also will guarantee the costs you spend when you are having health problems later.

2. Only people who already have children who need insurance
According to Michael Bonevento, senior financial advisor at Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.., Those who are married and married with children, or married with children with special needs, may have to buy liability insurance. Even so, there are many examples where single people also have insurance. When the single came from poor families are in, he could leave the insurance claim for his family when problems occur to him. So, he take out insurance to make sure families are experiencing financial problems when he was gone.
3. If a company already providing insurance, for what else to buy insurance?
Many companies that provide life insurance or health insurance for its employees, whose value may be equivalent to your salary a year. This may be a benefit for you, but what if you do not work anymore in the company? Did not you can not predict when you will experience the risks that might happen? What if suddenly you have to be hospitalized? It may be too late if you just buy insurance when it is needed for anticipated losses that may arise due to currency risk.
4. Life insurance is generally too expensive
We will buy insurance, you'll be given the option to charge premiums that match your ability. Premium selected young people will certainly be lower than those already established. Moreover, in addition to paid annual, there are also premiums can be paid monthly. The value of this premium can you improve your financial condition when the better.
5. All the same insurance policy
His name is also the product or merchandise. Each must have its advantages and disadvantages, which is manifested in the form of policies. The policy may use the same term, but the substance of what he can cover different. So when you buy an insurance product, do not just consider price alone. Read the policy carefully provided that you do not feel cheated later.
6. The housewife does not need to buy insurance
You may not have income, but you would still have to provide facilities needed by the family. For example, child health, food and clothing needs, home care, and so forth. When her husband dies suddenly, or not able to work again, those needs should certainly meet your own. Well, life insurance can guarantee your safety while the couple is no longer there to meet your needs.

7. Buying insurance is complicated
It takes time to process your insurance purchase, including the approval of your proposed insurance demand. However, the current financial planner aka insurance agent already implementing pick up the ball. That is, they who come to you and take care of everything. If less obvious with the rights and obligations, you also can access it yourself at the official website of an insurance company. You can also compare themselves with other insurance products. If it is less clear, you can schedule another meeting with your agent.
If you already have an income, you should immediately buy an insurance policy so you will not regret in the future. This is important for yourself and for the sake of your family. 
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